1. Halswell House in Goathurst Somerset. The Morning Room.

An historic house of great importance now used as a wonderful venue for weddings and corporate events.

I worked on covering the walls of the Morning room a few years ago, the work took two weeks to complete.

The walls were tackled one at a time, one large panel of fabric comprising of a number of widths of fabric sewn together .

The 3mt drop of fabric first nailed top and bottom then stretched side to side all fixed in placed with coloured nails and then edged all around with a wide braid. The fabric is a Gainsborough silk damask in a glowing copper pink colour .

2. Maunsel House, North Newton , Somerset. The Great Bed.

An historic house now used as a wedding venue of great individuality. The Great bed is an antique carved wooden four poster bed, which I upholstered in silk and a patterned damask, a new head board was made and a full star burst ceiling  put in place and all the trimmings!!

Niels Wicks Upholstery

Niels Wicks Upholstery